Miss XV capitulo 16 Telenovela

Miss XV capitulo 16 Avance Under View you can see the soap opera novels Miss XV capitulo 16 online at well-defined and as soon as possible. You can see all the  episode  of this soap opera broadcast in section entire  episode. This episode will premiere on Monday June 4, 2012 by Televisa.

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Miss XV: Valentina and Natalia are BFF's and there must be something magical, because they were born the same day, same time. They are very different, but they understand just look perfect. They are about turning 15 and while Valentina dreams of having an amazing party, Natalia wants to travel with their parents. Valentina has a very close family and fun, her mother Catherine, who says he belongs to royalty, her aunt Margaret is her fairy godmother, Quirino his dad, who is very cute and loves her and her younger sister Apple is a smart aleck and your best accomplice. Natalia's family consists of Marina, her mother, who works all day and passes in BBM, his father, Sebastian, a photographer who almost always travel and Theodora his nurse and counselor will love it! Valentina is in love with Niko, the cutest boy and tender of all. When you turn 15 may finally be boyfriends, although there is a small problem, or maybe. Leonora, who poses as a friend of Valentina and actually will do everything possible to destroy it and stay with Niko and Alexis, who dies for Valentina and be willing to do anything to be her boyfriend, Oh-oh! Furthermore, Nat Eddy is in love, the charming and witty brother Val. But he has a small defect, loves to be loved, especially by the girls, ah what I told you that is a little liar? Valentina, Niko, Natalia, Eddy, Alexis, and Leonora must learn to grow can be difficult, must take risks to achieve their goals, their dreams, their loves and shall assess the importance of friendship. Together they form a band EME 15, learn to live together.

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